This is a report of SQL Saturday finances for 2022.

Amended 12/30/2022

SQL Saturday is an independent, US public charity recognized under the IRS 501.c.3 code. Our board of directors is composed of various community members and makes all decisions about how the corporation is run.


Our current finances look like this (all numbers in US dollars).


We hold $4,637.10 in our bank account at this time.

We also have these assets for our use:

  • Domain names (,,
  • Zoom subscription (expires March 6, 2023)


At this time, we are holding the following funds that are awaiting disbursement:

  • $500 for SQL Saturday Sri Lanka 2023 (#1040)

We have no other debts owed.

Income and Outflows

We began 2022 with $4575 in the bank. We are ending 2022 with assets of $4232.

We had income in 2022 from any one donation of $200.

Our expenditures were:

  • $36 for domain registration
  • $100 repayment for loan from Steve Jones in setting up the bank account
  • $150 for a legal retainer for our lawyer
  • $57 for the TechSoup subscription
  • $79.90 One year zoom subscription

This is a total of: $422.90


Microsoft has been our only global sponsor in 2022. They supported all of our events, and our funding report is:

  • Incoming sponsorship from Microsoft: $19,750
  • Disbursements to events: $19,250
  • Escrow: $500

SQL Saturday has disbursed 100% of funds received or is holding them in escrow.

Infrastructure Costs

Our infrastructure costs have been about $0 so far. I have done the following:

Google Workspaces - as a non profit, we have a free Google Workspace account for email and tools. Mercury Banking - As a non profit, we have free banking, and to date, have no incurred any transaction charges. Github - We use this for hosting SQL Saturday, the blog, and board collaboration and discussion.

That’s it. We’re not wasting money where we don’t need to do so.

Labor Costs

SQL Saturday runs on volunteer efforts and no individual is paid for their time. We have reimbursed expenses for the following items in 2021:

  • IRS EIN Application - $250
  • IRS 501.c.3 charity application - $275
  • Loan for opening bank account - $100 (loan made in 2021, repaid in 2022)

Questions or Comments

This report was compiled by Steve Jones, President, SQL Saturday Corporation.

If you have any questions or comments on the state of the finances for SQL Saturday, please contact us at