Welcome to the SQLSaturday blog, which has links and documents related to the SQL Saturday brand and the non profit corporation.

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Scheduling and time zones

Posted on (11 June 2021) by

tl;dr Time zones are challenging and I learned something.

The SQL Saturday website was built by me, with inspiration from Rob Sewell and his work at DataSaturday.com.

One of the items on the schedule section was a time zone. As we in the world of virtual and hybrid events, we are getting attendees that aren’t in a...


Filing for Non Profit Status

Posted on (10 June 2021) by

Today, after some research with a lawyer and accountant, I filed the US IRS Form 1023-EX form today with the US IRS. This was to establish this corporation as a 501.c.3 entity that is a public charity to enable us to do a few things:

  • First, get some donations of services from Azure and AWS.


    New Events in 2021

    Posted on (28 May 2021) by

    This past week I had conversations with a few organizers in the US that are looking to set up new events in 2021. This was a nice surprise for me, as I’ve contacted a number of different oganizers over the last few months that had no interest in a 2021 event, primarily because they and their members were tired of...


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