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Additional Trademark Filings

Posted on (06 January 2022) by

We have additional trademark filings for the SQL Saturday brand. I received the Australian filing.

This means we have the US, EU, and Australia trademarks.

Unfortunately, because of Brexit and delays, the UK trademark is still in the name of the former PASS organization. We are working to get that registration changed.


SQL Saturday is a Registered 501.c.3 Corporation

Posted on (18 November 2021) by

I applied for non-profit status for the SQL Saturday corporation over the summer. I submitted an IRS Form 1023-EZ to classify our organization as a 501(c)(3) corporation. This is a non-profit entity that exists to further a charitable cause, which is the goal with this entity.

I checked a few times, but the IRS was backed up and hadn’t...


SQL Saturday at the PASS Data Community Summit

Posted on (08 November 2021) by

This week is the PASS Data Community Summit, and lots of us are attending in the #SQLFamily. I miss attending in person, and hopefully that will change next year.

One of the items I looked forward to was the annual gathering of SQL Saturday event organizers. With SQL Saturday, and related events like Data Saturday, being distributed, we won’t...


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