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Finding PreCon Speakers

Posted on (05 July 2022) by

One of the challenges I’ve seen with a few events in 2022 is finding a precon speaker for an event. All the data from PASS was lost, and many of the schedules for past events don’t contain who delivered a precon. Even for past Summit conferences, the list of precon speakers is somewhat lost.

In trying to help organizers...


July Office Hours

Posted on (01 July 2022) by

I have set up Office Hours for July. My apologies for missing June.

No agenda, but happy to talk about events and any other issues.

The details are listed below:

Wednesday, 6 July

  • https://zoom.us/j/94170446174?pwd=NHMzWEtReEJpL2FRc0NnZWcvWUQ2Zz09
  • Passcode: Cast 0x313132363433 as CHAR(6)
  • 4:00pm MDT/6:00pm EDT/ 8L00am Sydney

Thursday, 7 July

  • https://zoom.us/j/94188468273?pwd=ZDdNSmZxRytMd2oyLzJWYUxKdXltZz09
  • Passcode: Cast 0x373936383430 as CHAR(6)
  • 11:30am MDT / 1:30pm...


Redgate Software offers a free ticket to the 2022 PASS Data Community Summit for each in-person SQL Saturday

Posted on (28 April 2022) by

The SQL Saturday non-profit has reached an agreement with Redgate Software to offer a free ticket to the 2022 Data Community Summit this November in Seattle. Each event that takes place in-person this year will receive one free ticket that an organizer can use to attend the 2022 Summit.

Redgate is also providing each SQL Saturday event with...


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