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VMWare Sponsoring SQL Saturday

Posted on (10 April 2024) by Steve Jones

I am pleased to announce the VMWare/Broadcom has agreed to sponsor a number of SQL Saturdays in 2024. They have allocated funds from their marketing budget and are working with many of the currently scheduled events to provide support.

VMWare was a strong sponsor of our events prior to the pandemic, and we are thrilled they have made the decision...


Filing 2023 Tax Returns

Posted on (27 March 2024) by Steve Jones

I filed the SQL Saturday Corporation tax return as a Form 990-N today. This is a short form filing for organizations that have less than USD$50,000 in revenue. That suits SQL Saturday, as we raised only $225 in donations.

We do escrow money from sponsors, but this isn’t revenue as it is a pass through for various events.

A necessary...


Building Better Habits

Posted on (07 February 2024) by Steve Jones

Some of you probably know that the SQL Saturday website and the corporate SQL Saturday website run from GitHub. We have repos for the main site and the corporate one, and all of the code that produces these sites is stored there. We have a CI/CD process that takes changes from merges to the main repository,...


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