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Office Hours Cancelled

Posted on (09 November 2022) by

I’m cancelling today’s office hours as I have a personal conflict. Plus, Summit prep has buried me.

I’ll do a broadcast in December to close out the year as well as hold office hours for the ANZ region.

My apologies.


SQL Saturday November 2022 Update

Posted on (08 November 2022) by

Welcome to the November 2022 SQL Saturday Update. This updates includes a few sections.


SQL Saturday Memphis 2022 Retrospective

Posted on (07 November 2022) by

For 2022’s SQL Saturday event, the Memphis Data Professionals (formerly known as MemPASS) decided to forgo a virtual or hybrid event and return to a fully in-person event. The primary reason for this decision was simplicity, as running a hybrid event would require A/V configuration, online moderation, etc. In addition to simplicity, Zoom exhaustion is real, and we were...


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