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Latest Post

Another Donation

Posted on (03 August 2023) by Steve Jones

A surprised awaited me in the snail mail recently: a check.

SQL Saturday is registered with Benevity as a charity since we are a 501.c.3 registered charity in the US.

We [received a check] last year, and recently got another one this year. This time for $125, which is a very generous donation. I’m not sure who donated, but...


SQL Saturday South Florida 2023 Review

Posted on (10 July 2023) by Steve Jones

It’s been over a month, but I finally caught up on some blogging after a lot of travel. This post looks back at SQL Saturday South Florida 2023, which was one I attended.

This was my first time visiting the South Florida event, and I was excited to attend. I’ve been wanting to go for years, but the timing hasn’t...


SQL Saturday May 2023 Update

Posted on (30 May 2023) by Steve Jones

It’s late May 2023, schools are letting out in many places, and many people are getting ready for the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The South is entering winter, and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

I haven’t consistently written updates for SQL Saturday in 2023 and I apologize for that. Life has been busy for me and...


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