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SQL Saturday Advertising

Posted on (08 November 2023) by Steve Jones

Part of the long term concern for maintaining the SQL Saturday charitable foundation is raising enough money to fund our efforts. We don’t have a lot of expenses, but we do have a few. This year we’ve had to pay for:

  • domains
  • corporate po box and mailing service
  • zoom account for meetings
  • streamyard to support a few virtual events
  • ...


SQL Saturday Vitória 2023

Posted on (30 October 2023) by Steve Jones

In 2023, we’ve had quite a bit of growth in South and Central America for SQL Saturday. This has been an area where a number of communities have been running events post-pandemic, and I’m delighted that they continue to thrive.

This past weekend for SQL Saturday Vitória 2023, a place I’d never heard of before the organizers registered the...


A Fun Networking Game at SQL Saturday

Posted on (18 October 2023) by Steve Jones

I was lucky to attend SQL Saturday Boston 2023. At the end of the raffle, I helped run the prizes for a networking game, which I really enjoyed. They did this in 2022 as well and I think it’s a great way to encourage people to meet someone new, as well as have some fun.

Each person gets a few...


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