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SQL Saturday Austin 2023 Recap

Posted on (08 March 2023) by

John Sterrit wrote a recap for SQL Saturday Austin 2023. I was thrilled that this event took place, while being sad I didn’t attend. I actually forgot to submit, but the timing wasn’t great for me, so I’m glad I didn’t try to fit in this trip.

Austin is a great tech town and community. While this was a...


Creating a JSON API Endpoint in Sessionize

Posted on (12 January 2023) by

Many of the SQL Saturday events use Sessionize for their scheduling of sessions and speakers. This has worked great, and we’d like to capture this data for historical purposes. One easy way to do that is with JSON, and this post walks through opening up a JSON endpoint.

The Event Dashboard

In the event Dashboard, organizers can see...


An Unexpected Donation

Posted on (30 December 2022) by

When I opened the mail a couple weeks ago, there was an envelope addressed to SQL Saturday. It was from an organization called Benevity, who works with corporations that donate to non profits and charities.

Inside the envelope was a check for USD$200, that someone had donated. I didn’t get information on the source, but we certainly appreciate the...


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