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Trademark Registration

Posted on (10 September 2021) by

I got a confirmation today that the [US trademark reassignment confirmation(/assets/pdf/USPTONotice.pdf) had been received by the USPTO. This notes that the SQL Saturday corporation now owns the trademark for SQL Saturday in the US and has control over how this is used.

The trademark registrations in other countries are still pending.


A Hybrid Experiment in Denver

Posted on (08 September 2021) by

Last month I spoke at a hybrid meeting for the Denver SQL Server User Group. This was an experiment, and I’m putting together some notes here on the event from my perspective.


Once we agreed to try a hybrid meeting, I met Todd Kleinhans at the venue, which is his church campus. We have held SQL Saturays...


Trademark Transfer

Posted on (20 August 2021) by

This past week I received the signed trademark transfer document from Redgate. I countersigned and sent them to our lawyer to file in the various jurisdictions where the SQL Saturday trademark is registered.

This is another step towards a completely independent, community run organization.


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