Jeff Taylor has run SQL Saturday Jacksonville for many years. His 15th event is coming up next month, on May 6. Please come if you are in the area.

Earlier in 2023, he wrote a blog post on running his event and I think this is a good read for any organizer, or anyone thinking of running a SQL Saturday.

A few caveats here. Jeff has run one of the larger SQL Saturday events in the world, pre- or post-pandemic. He raises a lot of money and does a first class job, but spends quite a bit of time on the event. That’s great, and I had a wonderful time attending in 2022. I suspect most people have enjoyed his events.

However, you do not need to do everything Jeff does. You can pick and choose the items that fit your budget, both your money budget and your time budget.

Ultimately, SQL Saturday is about serving your community and helping to educate others. If you have space and speakers, you are 90% of the way there. Adding in lunch, coffee, snacks, shirts, etc. is great, but not required.

If you enjoy learning and sharing with others, we’d love to see more SQL Saturday events in communities around the world. Please reach out to us through email and we’ll help you get an event going.

We appreciate your support of SQL Saturday. If you or others want to join our mailing list, you can register here: Please feel free to pass this along to others.