Most events pick a schedule from the submissions they receive from speakers. However, that is a limited set of topics, and reflects what speakers are interested in (or they think you are interested in), not necessarily what a group of people are interested in.

Steve Rezhener from LA had a great idea to run a survey of topics. He built a nice, simple form that covers a lot of the

Take the survey

And pass it along to others.

The results are here: Survey Results

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I also want to remind people that SQL Saturday is an independent US 501.c.3 corporation organized as a public charity. We are not owned by, or managed by Redgate Software. Redgate donated the brand to the corporation and gave us a grant to run events, but there is no oversight of the corporation. Redgate does maintain a permanent seat on the board of directors, currently occupied by Steve Jones, but has no more influence than any of the other members of the board.

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