Under Construction

Note: this site is under construction and will change over time.

The SQLSaturday foundation is being established as a non-profit corporation in the US at this time.

The initial board of directors was appointed by Steve Jones, and consists of these individuals:

  • Andy Warren (b, t) – USA
  • Carlos Lopez (b, t) – LATAM
  • Heidi Hastings (t) – APAC
  • Johan Brattås (t) – EUR
  • Stacia Varga (b, t) – USA
  • Steph Locke (b, t) – EUR
  • Steve Jones (b, t) – USA
  • Taoib Ali (b, t) – APAC/USA
  • Dr. Victoria Holt (b, t) - EUR

These individuals are appointed to a one year term and will establish the bylaws under which the foundation will run. Redgate maintains a permanent seat on the board, but has only one vote inside the organization.

As the foundation establishes itself, more information will be available.