There has been an ongoing discussion in our community about Code of Conduct and how to handle issues moving forward. I will have more to write about this in the future, but for now, I have made a couple of small changes.

First, I created a new email address: This is to report issues at events to the central SQL Saturday board, separately from or in addition to, reports to an event organizer. It was brought to my attention that the organizer of an event could be an harasser and there might be people who are unwilling to make a report there, or find no action taken.

Second, I have updated the Code of Conduct for events to include this language at the end: “… Please report any concerns, harassing behavior, suspicious, or disruptive activity to the event organizer or staff and send a copy to”

For now, we will file these reports and discuss them in the board. I do not know what kind of action we will take or how to report on this, but we are trying to be more proactive in our approach to ensuring everyone’s safety and preventing harassment.