Note: This is NOT an April Fools post.

Many events have adopted Code of Conduct policies over the last few years, which I feel is a good trend. The only rule that I have really required for SQL Saturday is a code of conduct. Our CoC defaults to one that Redgate has been using for years, but the board is discussing potential changes.

For now I want to note that we are not only requiring events to have a CoC, but also to enforce it and remove individuals. We are asking events to notify us if they remove an individual and for what reason. We are not asking for details, but whether this person was removed for offensive behavior, safety/harassment issues, theft, or something else.

Individuals that have been removed from events may be banned from future events at this location, or from all events worldwide.

While we cannot enforce the at individual events, we can remove our branding from events and not provide any sponsorship assistance. We also ask that anyone who has experienced an issue send us an email at so that we may keep a copy on file.

My view, as a founder and current President of SQL Saturday, is that we have not done enough in the past to ensure the safety of attendees at all events and proactively attempt to prevent issues. I am attempting to change that moving forward. All attendees and speakers ought to feel safe and comfortable and we ought to prioritize safety.

The board is discussing this issue and we welcome feedback on the CoC and how we can adapt and change to better serve the community in the future.

Steve Jones President, SQL Saturday