The SQL Saturday non-profit has reached an agreement with Redgate Software to offer a free ticket to the 2022 Data Community Summit this November in Seattle. Each event that takes place in-person this year will receive one free ticket that an organizer can use to attend the 2022 Summit.

Redgate is also providing each SQL Saturday event with a discount code for attendees that will allow a $175 discount off the cost if they choose to attend the 3 day, in-person event. If you are planning on coming in November, be sure to get the discount code from a SQL Saturday in your area.

This is a generous offer from Redgate Software in support of the data platform community and the events that have symbolized the sharing, networking, and friendship that have made SQL Saturday events special.

We look forward to seeing more user groups and cities run a SQL Saturday in 2022 and celebrating their success together in Seattle.