The SQL Saturday site is based on work that I helped the DataSaturdays project with when the PASS organization folded. Rob Sewell did a lot of the work, and I helped tweak a few very minor things before forking the idea for SQL Saturday.

I’ve tweaked and adjusted the site a bit, which is using the Jekyll framework and the Beautiful Jekyll theme. I’ve added some tweaks, which work well and we have our own layout for events.

That being said, on the beta site I’m experimenting with a few things, like quickly showing the CFS status. However, I’m struggling a bit with layout,centering, and in general, making things look good.

I’m asking if there are any people out there with web design/layout skills that would like to take on a small side project, submit some PRs and get credit here supporting the community. We run this site and franchise on a volunteer basis, so I don’t have many funds to spend, so I’m hoping there is someone that wants to give back to the community and donate here as an Open Source effort.

The beta Github repo is available for forking, and you can send any questions to

Remind others to register here: