One of the requests from users is that we include slides and code downloads for events. While we can host files on the SQL Saturday site, and we can take pull requests with files, it’s easy to do this in Sessionize. This post walks through how to add this to your Sessionize Event.

A File Upload Field

There is an additional field for Sessionize already built into the system. This is the File Upload field. This isn’t a part of the normal speaker session fields, which you can see below:

default session fields

Instead, what you need to do is go to the Additional Fields tab. You can see I’ve selected this below. By default, no fields are listed.

additional fields tab

Select Add New Field and there is the File Upload field. Pick this.

New field choices

Give this a name. I picked Speaker Download, but you could call it something else. This is what will appear in the session details for each speaker session.

name the new field

When a speaker edits their session, they’ll see this. Note, the CFS must be open, so if you want speakers to do this at the event or after, re-open the CFS by changing dates.

new field for uploads

I’ve uploaded a session and I can see this in the field

uploaded file

The API needs to be adjusted to show this field. At the bottom of your endpoint editor, the field needs to be selected to be included.

default session fields

When a user then clicks your session in the schedule, they’ll see a download link.

download in session details

Hope this helps others.

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