One of the things that any organizers and events are proud of is their history. We’ve had a number of commemorative events that hit their 10th event. This past year, Jacksonville 2022 was recognized as the 14th event in that city.

As I’ve [added tags] to events, we get an autogenerated list of previous events with those tags. Since I add tags based on the location, we can find all the events (or all tagged events) for a particular city. For example, Orlando has had 13 events tagged.

I decided to add this to the event pages, putting a list of event accessible from the current event. This takes advantage of how Jekyll produces the tags to auto generate the URL. You can see this on the current Orlando page. There is a section for previous events that links to the tags.

As more tags are added, this will slowly form a complete history of SQL Server for all events.

Now to update the primary tag for current and recent events.

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