Part of the long term concern for maintaining the SQL Saturday charitable foundation is raising enough money to fund our efforts. We don’t have a lot of expenses, but we do have a few. This year we’ve had to pay for:

  • domains
  • corporate po box and mailing service
  • zoom account for meetings
  • streamyard to support a few virtual events
  • bank fees from sponsorship transfers

I don’t anticipate many expenses, but I was faced with trademark renewal decisions and funding was a slight concern.

In September, Redgate approached me and asked if they could advertise the PASS Data Community Summit on the SQL Saturday site and in our mailing list. I wasn’t comfortable with making a decision on this, so I reached out to the board. They agreed that we should allow this, but we should charge for advertising and offer this to other community events.

I went back to Redgate and they agreed to a US$100/month for advertising and also helped me code a banner for the top of This will come down in a few weeks, as with the delays of travel and my schedule, I didn’t get this working until early October.

I have also reached out to a few other paid events and offered them the chance to register with us, but so far no one has taken me up on this.

We don’t need a lot of money, but I am hoping to find ways to ensure that we have enough revenue to fund any needs we may have in supporting events.

If you or others want to join our mailing list, you can register here: Please feel free to pass this along to others.