Welcome to the November 2023 SQL Saturday Update. This month we have a few items in the newsletter:

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We are winding down 2023 and looking forward to 2024. Next week is the PASS Data Community Summit and if you attended a SQL Saturday, organized one, or spoke at one, please stop me and say hi. If you’re interested in how to get one moving in 2024, reach out. We had a few new organizers in 2023 and I don’t think they found the effort to be too arduous. I would love to see more cities host SQL Saturdays in the future.

I am also going to try and reach out to more sponsors next week and see if we can find a way to secure another deal or two from a large sponsor to fund more events. While I don’t want to completely fund any events, things are more expensive and a better base would make things easier for future events.

No new events for me since October. I was sorry to miss Toronto and Silicon Valley, both on the same date, but that was one of the few weeks I hadn’t traveled on since July.

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas, please feel free to reach out to us at admin@sqlsaturday.com.

Thanks for reading,

Steve Jones President, SQL Saturday

PASS Data Community Summit 2023

The annual PASS Data Community Summit is coming next week, November 14-17 to Seattle. This is an in-person event only and it’s the largest data community conference in the world. There will be a community zone and while there isn’t a specific SQL Saturday organizer meeting, myself and many others will be at the conference and around the zone. Stop us and say hi. All organizers are listed with their events.

The schedule is out and many of the speakers you might see at a SQL Saturday will be there presenting on similar topics as well as new ones. If you’ve enjoyed a SQL Saturday, and you are coming to the conference, be sure to thank speakers for their volunteer efforts at local events.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there. If you come, please stop and say hi if you see me.

Upcoming Events

Here are a list of upcoming SQL Saturday events:

SQL Saturday News

Not much is happening with SQL Saturday. We are seeing new events, but also many cities that held previous events have been struggling to either run events, or they have moved to Data Saturday (or other) branding.

I am pleased with how many events we have had in South America, both in Brazil and Peru. I am hoping to see more in 2024. I was also thrilled to see SQL Saturday come back to New Zealand with the South Island holding an event in late September.

I also want to remind people that SQL Saturday is an independent US 501.c.3 corporation organized as a public charity. We are not owned by, or managed by Redgate Software. Redgate donated the brand to the corporation and gave us a grant to run events, but there is no oversight of the corporation. Redgate does maintain a permanent seat on the board of directors, currently occupied by Steve Jones, but has no more influence than any of the other members of the board.

The year has been good, and Microsoft has re-affirmed their commitment to sponsoring SQL Saturdays. Redgate also generously donated PASS Data Community Summit tickets to all SQL Saturday organizers again in 2023.

Recent Blog Posts

Here are a few posts from our blog:

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