When we formed the SQL Saturday corporation and had the first event in Los Angeles in 2021, the organizers requested a short code for their event. They thought these URLS were a little cumbersome:

  • https://sqlsaturday.com/2021-06-12-sqlsaturday1020/
  • https://sqlsaturday.com/1020/

They wanted something easier to remember, like this: https://sqlsaturday.com/la

We implemented that with a redirect file in the repo. You can actually see the file here, and this file has been updated to point from the 2021 event to the 2022 event.

We’ve continued this trend, and for new events, we’ve created these URLs:

You can use these short code, like /denver, as a quick way to get to the current event.

I’ve also started to add the shortcodes for some previous events. For example, https://sqlsaturday.com/kc/ goes to their last event, which was #901 in 2019. I’m slowly adding these to other past events.

I am often choosing the city, but I am happy to use other codes if organizers want them. These are in a common namespace, so each needs to be unique among all events.

Remind others to register here: http://eepurl.com/hwVBKn