Welcome to the SQLSaturday blog, which has links and documents related to the SQL Saturday brand and the non profit corporation.

Establishing a Bank Account

*Posted on 09 July 2021 by Steve Jones*

One of the functions that I’ve been worried slightly about it the establishment of banking services that can be used by a virtual non profit entity. While we hope to...


Scheduling and time zones

*Posted on 11 June 2021 by Steve Jones*

tl;dr Time zones are challenging and I learned something.

The SQL Saturday website was built by me, with inspiration from Rob Sewell and his work at DataSaturday.com.



Filing for Non Profit Status

*Posted on 10 June 2021 by Steve Jones*

Today, after some research with a lawyer and accountant, I filed the US IRS Form 1023-EX form today with the US IRS. This was to establish this corporation as...


New Events in 2021

*Posted on 28 May 2021 by Steve Jones*

This past week I had conversations with a few organizers in the US that are looking to set up new events in 2021. This was a nice surprise for me,...


Fundraising for SQL Saturday

*Posted on 25 May 2021 by Steve Jones*

One of the things I am working on at this time is the raising of some capital to fund the organization for the next few years. While we want to...


SQL Saturday Mailing List

*Posted on 15 May 2021 by Steve Jones*

I have set up a mailing list at Mailchimp for people to sign up and get information about the SQL Saturday corporation.

You can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/hwVBKn.



SQL Saturday Incorporated

*Posted on 13 May 2021 by Steve Jones*

The corporation was formed and filed officially in Texas today. The following officers were listed:

  • Steve Jones
  • Stacia Varga
  • Andy Warren

We have secured an EIN and are...


Everyone Run a SQL Saturday in 2021

*Posted on 12 April 2021 by Steve Jones*

Cross posted and edited from voiceofthedba.com

With SQL Saturdays being rebooted, and the SQLSaturday.com website live, it’s time for events. I am reaching out to some people that have...


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